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Discover our collection of room-darkening blackout curtains available at low rates in Dubai. Style your windows the best way with us!

Blackout Curtains Dubai

We Are The Best Blackout Curtain Suppliers in Dubai

My Sheer Curtains gladly presents a variety of modern blackout window treatments to enhance privacy, security, and insulation in your homes. Our noise-blocking and energy-efficient drapes will be the most purposeful addition to your residential and commercial spaces.

These heavy-duty and opaque window coverings are made with dense fabrics and thick linings for maximum ease of controlling and blocking incoming light. For your convenience, these high-performance window coverings can also be automated with motorized mechanisms. Also, these high-quality drapes require simple cleaning!


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Trendy Styles & Color Options We Offer For Blackout Window Curtains 

Explore these latest color and pattern options of our blackout and room-darkening curtains, best suitable for every home and workspace decor. You can also get custom curtain designs from us.

Wool Herringbone
Wool Herringbone Pebble
Ballantrea Teal
Ballantrea Taupe
Ballantrea Sapphire
Ballantrea Peony
Ballantrea Pebble
Ballantrea Peat
Ballantrea Latte
Ballantrea Forest
Ballantrea Dove
Ballantrea Charcoal
Blackout Curtains Dubai

Get Our Customized Blackout Curtains For A Perfect Window

Give your windows a personalized look by hanging window coverings customized by us. You can choose any desired color, style, texture, pattern, layout, and fabric opacity for these curtains. In addition, you can get custom fabric sizes according to your windows.

  • Our custom curtains compliment all traditional and modern decors.
  • Our curtains come with perfect finishing and last for years straight.
  • Our customization services ideally enhance room styling and comfort.

Benefits of Having Our Stylish Blackout Curtains Dubai

Restyle your windows with our luxury room-darkening drapes that are available in both modern and traditional styles at our stores. Here are some amazing features of our dim-out coverings:

Privacy & Light Control

Our curtains effectively reduce incoming artificial lights and sunlight. They are the most favorable choice for privacy seekers and night shift workers.

Noise Reduction & Energy Efficiency

Their dense and lined fabric helps block noises, hence minimizing inconvenience. Additionally, they regulate room temperature during both summers and winters.

Optimized Sleep Patterns

Our privacy curtains will help you sleep peacefully at any time of the day. Also, by restricting the harsh sun rays, they protect your valuables from fading.

Hire Us For Blackout Curtain Installations

Looking for experts to install blackout curtains Dubai? We provide you with the best group of professionals to flawlessly install room-darkening drapes in your residential and commercial spaces. Our team has the latest tools and shows matchless excellence in curtain installation work. You can get our services for any sort of window.

Send us a request for quick curtain fixing and installation services, our professionals will reach your place in Dubai within the decided time and demand minimal charges for your convenience. 

Blaxckout Curtain

Where To Use Our Blackout Curtains Dubai?

You can improve any and every area with our room-darkening curtains, such as:

  • Bedrooms: These thick curtains will improve your sleep quality and offer you a disruption-free environment to unwind and relax
  • Living Rooms: Using our curtains in living rooms will create comfy, cozy and warm spaces, reducing the expenses of HVAC
  • Home Offices: Our Blackout curtains are excellent at canceling noises and all other disturbances, meaning you can be maximally productive
  • Libraries/Reading Rooms: These thick and layered curtains will make reading and/or watching trouble-free for you by creating serene interiors
  • Kids’ Rooms/Nurseries: They make it easy to make kids fall asleep by mimicking nighttime and also keep rooms clean

Reasons For Choosing Us?

My Sheer Curtains present every curtain treatment in the United Arab Emirates without being expensive for blackout window curtains. Our blackout curtains provide 100% privacy and add calmness to the environment.

Our curtain fabrics capture the outside dirt particles and keep the space clean. Get maximum customization options, including measurements, patterns, and accessories for these curtains, from us with a single call.

Our enthusiastic team offers perfect installation servicing.

Offering professional consultations to clear out your doubts.

Light blue blackout curtains

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Bedrooms must be styled with secure and private window curtains so you can sleep without disturbances. Blackout window styling is always the #1 recommendation for bedrooms by expert interior designers. Always consider some factors such as shade, pattern, measurements, and curtain accessories for the perfect styling.

Blackout, as the name indicates, this window curtain range provides full darkness to the place by blocking out every outside factor, including lighting, noises, chemicals, and dirt particles, with their closely-packed structure. Their features depend on their thickness, styling, and fabric.

The thick fabric texture is designed with a closely-packed structure to maximize the place’s functionality. Cotton fabric with blackout strips, velvet, and linen are commonly used as window treatments for attaining a full level of privacy. 

Our professionals prefer these curtains to be longer and wider than the measurements of the window frame so they can add maximum privacy. With the thick fabric texture, these curtains add a barrier between the interior and exterior by blocking out light, sound, and chemical exposure for a secure and private atmosphere.

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